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FaceLog is a Chrome Extension, developed by the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power at King’s College London, to research the information and news that people see and share when using Facebook.

Once you download and enable the FaceLog Chrome Extension, and open Facebook on your computer, FaceLog will capture the basic information about what you see in your Facebook newsfeed – the source of the post, the date/time posted, a description, a link and how much the post has been liked and shared.

Although anyone can download the FaceLog Chrome Extension, research will only be carried out on people who are specially invited to participate (and given a unique ID number).

None of the posts collected will be used to identify individuals in any way, and the Facebook personal information will be treated as confidential and not shared beyond the research team. Each individual's Facebook name, and any information that would allow a person to be identified will not be published.

Learn more about Facelog at https://facelog.me
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