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Yes Life Web is your all-in-one communicator on the web. 

Enjoy Email, Call, SMS, Cloud Storage services and more in one handy app, from any browser.

Don't have a Yes ID? Follow this link to sign up for one -

Voice Calls
- Make and receive calls with your very own 018 mobile number.
- Enjoy one of the lowest call rates at only 9sen/minute.
- Enjoy zero roaming charges when calling home from abroad.
- Send and receive SMS messages with your 018 mobile number.
- Compose SMS messages with ease with your PC keyboard.

- Your very own domain email address with a feature-packed, full email suite.
- Add multiple email accounts (like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), for greater convenience.
- Enjoy 2GB of FREE cloud storage, enough for all of your digital storage needs.
- Preview all your Office documents, music, photos, and video on the browser.
- Calendar suite with full integration to other features like Email, Tasks and more.
- Add your Google Calendars or import any iCal calendars.

- Create shopping lists, project to-dos, and more.
- Add notes and attachments to each task.
In addition to Yes Life Web, check out Yes Life on iPhone, iPad and Android here:
For support, email us at or call 018 333 0000 (Mon-Fri: 8am-10pm, Sat-Sun & Public Holidays: 9am-5pm).
Thanks for trying out Yes Life Web. For more information about Yes 4G visit
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