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This extension provides information about the postal code of Japan.

This extension uses the web service, http://www.yadiary.net/postal/, hosted by the author.
The original data is provided by Japan Post Service Co.,Ltd at http://www.post.japanpost.jp/zipcode/download.html.

The source code of this extension is also provided at https://gitorious.org/j-postalcode-search.

This extension is designed for Japanese user, so the roman-alphabet translation feature is very limited, but please tell me your comments.

v1.0.12 - Fixed some bugs.
v1.0.9 - Updated to Chrome Extension API 2.
v1.0.8 - Fixed some reoccurrence bugs which supposed to be fixed at the previous version. Changed the zoom level.
v1.0.7 - Fixed the bug which navigating a wrong google map page.
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