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This plugin allows you to send cross-domain requests directly from browser without receiving Cross Origin Errors. 
You can override the Request Origin header with this plugin and also have Access-Control-Allow-Origin set to *.

Also, you can override:
Request Headers: Origin
Response Headers: Access-Control-Allow-Origin, Access-Control-Allow-Methods, Access-Control-Allow-Headers, Access-Control-Allow-Credentials

Guide on CORS:

For security, it is recommended to disable this plugin (or any CORS plugin) when done with debug.

This utility is provided for free by Moesif.

About Moesif: 

Moesif ( is a venture backed company founded by alumni from MIT, University of Michigan, Microsoft and Intel who believe debugging customer issues is getting harder than ever as the world moves towards more complex distributed applications. Moesif is a cloud-native service to make debugging these applications easier.
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