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Open Homework help create a highly effective Internet learning environment accessible to teachers, instructors, tutors, parents, and students. We wish it to be so convenient that whenever there's a need for tutoring, students can easily access a tutor at any time using a PC and broadband connection. The makes it easy for parents and students to view important information about our tutors; likewise, tutors receive support and are connected with students through our website!

Help with your child's homework

This school year, your child's homework can be a challenge for everyone. I discovered what methods are best to help them learn how to study and complete tasks.

"What is the answer?" May be the question that your child expects you to solve. But giving the answers will not help in the long run. Doing homework for them will not assure them of the best grades they are looking for, even if it is tempting and seems easier. The purpose of the assignment is to reinforce class material, add information, improve study habits and test knowledge. Your job is to make sure that children meet these goals in order to improve their grades and retain knowledge. It is the reason for education. The following methods to help with homework are beneficial to develop lasting skills.


1. Stick to a schedule

Schedule specific hours for homework, whether after school or dinner, you should not watch TV, play video games, send text messages or other social functions, even if you prefer to do many things at the same time. It is proven that they are not so concentrated. Adhere consistently at the same time and be flexible with other activities.


2. I chose a place

Whether it's a desk in the room, the dining room or the kitchen table, with siblings or alone, I chose which space has the least distractions and is most conducive to productivity. Some children prefer background sound to concentrate, but I kept the television, the telephone, the Internet  (except for research) and other technological devices out of reach.


3. Help them find the answer

"Look for it, you will remember it for a longer time" is a wise comment that has gone through several generations. Do not do homework for your son just because you know how to do it. Make a problem together and let them do the rest on their own. This helps them learn and solve problems, an important skill they must acquire. Show interest and make yourself available to them. This improves the student's performance.


4. Review the work

Follow up to see what grade your child got on a task and check for errors. Errors are opportunities to talk and see if they understand the material. I suggested tips to remember data, use illustrative cards to review material or review concepts. An interactive way of learning is effective, perhaps with an older sibling or a partner.


5. Meet with teachers

Parent involvement shows teachers that there is a supportive environment in the home that gives the student an advantage in the learning process. If your child is left behind, express your concern, and the teachers will give you suggestions to encourage your child and, perhaps, recommend complementary studies with a tutor for a subject. It is likely that other students do not understand a class either, and the teacher should know that a method needs reinforcement.

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6. When you do not know the answer

Ask questions Your child's homework is also an opportunity for you to learn. Investigate to discover the answers, even if they are not proportioned. As a reference librarian, be a valuable resource to show children how to search for answers. Be sensitive to their needs. How does your child learn, is it visual or auditory, through observation or hearing, or both?


7. Put together a plan

I got a task schedule calendar. When the workload increases, and children juggle various tasks, your support with time management skills will provide valuable guidance for solving difficult tasks and completing the task. Find out what are the long-term projects to schedule and develop a work plan and get the supplies needed to avoid the last-minute runs to finish.


8. Offer incentives

Motivate your children and show them how to prioritize their workload, how to study for exams. If they get good grades and maintain the averages, grant them certain privileges.


9. Predict with the example

Read books. I debated ideas. Go to a science museum together. Increase your studies with relevant information, such as word games and math. Your actions say it all when the council can be ignored.


10. Praise them

Make a show of work well done, a test with a high grade, an art or science project. Encourage your children. If you show that you believe in them, that strengthens trust. Congratulating your children gives them a sense of pride in their academic achievements.


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