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Swap My Cookies is a session manager, it manages your cookies, letting you login on any website with several different accounts. You can finally  login into gmail, yahoo, hotmail, and just any website you use, with all your accounts; if you want to use another account just swap profile!
It's a nice and working alternative to Google's "multiple sign-in", you can keep in memory all your profiles, and switch among them as needed; 
if you share your pc just swap the profile and you are done, instead of logging out from every account and logging in again!
if you have multiple mail accounts use one profile per mail!

 * Swap profile and all the cookies are automatically changed
 * Profiles can be renamed
 * Profiles can be copied (Duplicate all of the profile's cookies)
 * Profiles can be reset  (Delete all of the profile's cookies)
 * Delete all the cookies of all the profiles
 * Restore the default profiles
 * Profiles can be sorted
 * Integration with 'Edit this Cookie' for better cookie management
 * Keyboard Shortcuts
    - [CTRL]+[NUMBER 1-9] : Profile number 1-9
    - [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[+] : Next profile
    - [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[-] : Previous profile
 * Reload all tabs of all windows

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"Forget Me"
These extensions are integrated and work nicely together...it's Recommended to have them all!

You can post issues and suggestions at:

Note: when the profile is changed, so are all the cookies stored by the browser. This means that if you have gmail and yahoo opened and you switch profile, the account changes in EVERY page.

This extension is inspired by "CookieSwap", which is a Firefox only add-on. The code, however, is entirely original and is released under GNU GPL license.
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    Wang Mr. - avatar
  • Wang Mr.


  • May 20, 2018
  • 切换完cookie再切换回来,原本的cookie也没了
  • 孫仙僧 - avatar
  • 孫仙僧


  • May 06, 2017
  • 莫名其妙的几套cookie全部失效~