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Version 1.5.2 Notes:
Minor security fix update.

Previous Version Notes:
1.5.1: Minor update.
1.5.0: Changed the extension behavior so that the camera icon is not injected into the webpage's DOM until it is absolutely necessary.
1.4.3: Removed all jQuery references and significantly reduced the run-time memory footprint.
1.4.2: Minor updates.
1.4.1: Users now have an option to select from several minimum dimensions for images they want the hover camera icon to be displayed.
1.4.0: This extension now works on images with non-public URLs.

Found an image on the web that you’re curious about? With this extension, you can initiate a search on Google using pictures on the web. You can discover photos of places, learn more about art pieces, identify landmarks, and more.

To use this extension, right click on an image on the web and select “Search Google with this image.”  You can also add a clickable Search by Image icon that appears when you point to an image. When you search by image, you’ll see results that show you where that image, and similar images, appear on the web. You can see webpages that contain that image, or find the same image in different sizes or resolutions.

To learn more about Search by Image, visit

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    Harry Rockwell - avatar
  • Harry Rockwell


  • Nov 10, 2018
  • Makes so much easier to find phony people who are using others pics for scamming purposes
  • Youssef Habboubi - avatar
  • Youssef Habboubi


  • Apr 27, 2018
  • It works very well, and is particularly useful for exposing cheats who post 'profile' photos that are actually of someone else.
  • Moo Scree - avatar
  • Moo Scree


  • Feb 18, 2018
  • Well I guess this is required now as a workaround to google having removed the native search by image command. (Along with the view image button in image search results having been removed.) A matter of time before google pulls their own extension too? Luckily there's lots of alternatives anyway. haha
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