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Knowing the Useful Facts About FlatFace - A flat redesign of Facebook

FlatFace, which was formerly known as Facebook Flat is a nice social media where you can add your friends and other family members. It’s an important part of Chrome extension and you can use the smarter features without any difficulties. Also, here you can find friends who unfriended you on Facebook. It comes out with increased readability of content that would help you to handle the facets in the right way. The new feeds also turn out with suitable options and even you can find viral news suggestions inside your feed ensuring that you can get familiar with all optimistic features. It has a clean interface and you can easily understand the options managing the procedure efficiently. You can get a flat and organized reading experience with Facebook live videos that turn out as the best type of entertainment. 

FlatFace also works with Vivaldi browser, which uses the Chrome’s plugin architecture ensuring that you can use the features in your way. The Chrome extension thus helps you to get access to positive aspects and you can use the FlatFace at your ease. However, FlatFace won’t has the retina assets that may improve the overall experience of the app. It thus gives you a nice architecture ensuring that the attributes work perfectly.

--- Functions ---

- Popular Feeds
- UnFriended
- Profile Visitors

--- Cleaning up Facebook's Interface ---

FlatFace for Facebook is necessary to clean up Facebook’s messy desktop screen and thus you can carry out all the activities efficiently. It hides all unwanted ads and updates and gives your screen a nice look with all good things. You can even change your UI with big and colorful icons that help you to browse the friend list easily. Now, you can scroll through your news feed that aids to access to get effective solutions at your ease. 
It's better to hide the right side bar getting a cleaner interface along with the trending section that’s another nice feature. It thus gives you a more pleasant browsing experience and there is option to swap the look if you won’t like it. Thus, it comes out with a good flexibility ensuring that you can use the system with all beneficial solutions. 
In this way, FlatFace turns out as an important part of Facebook and Chrome Extension that helps you to explore all exclusive facets. It saves your time and effort and thus you can manage the bustles coming out with all suitable aspects in real time.

--- Easy Navigation ---

FlatFace also gives you an easy navigation and thus you can browse the site easily coming out with all effective facets. You can now see the posts from your friends, which are sometime hidden by Facebook. Thus, it helps you to get familiar with the real time benefits and you can use the features in your way with a customized interface.

Finally, you can comprehend how FlatFace aids you to find the true benefits ensuring that you can get the good options according to your needs. It’s easy to download the app in your system and you can make use of the advanced technology.
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