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This is only an alternate way to open Youtube. 

It's actually a bookmark, but added to the toolbar (rather than the bookmarks menu). 

Settings: Right-click and select "Options" to change the button settings. There are few options that you might want to change: you can set the button to open Youtube in new tab or in the present tab and, in case you need it, you can add it to the context menu. 

**Questions and Answers** 

Why including separate add-on for something that needs just a bookmark? 

- Because bookmarks can't be added to the toolbar, and there are nice alternate icons (and some other options that make it better than bookmark) 

Be that as it may, extensions are using system memory, why squandering resources only for one simple bookmark? 

- Not actually, the youtube button doesn't eat memory. Technically said: it utilizes non-persistent background script, which, in English, implies the extension does not need to set aside memory (check the Chrome Task Manager in the event that you need to see with your own eyes: when you tap on the extension icon it will open youtube and free all resources after that). It acts like bookmark and the main “resources” it utilizes is for the screen space of the icon itself (yes, it takes some space from the toolbar, but it was made to do this ;-) 

If I install it, is it easy to remove it later?

- Yes, you can delete  it with just two clicks: right-click on the youtube button and select “Remove from Chrome”

How to get to the options page? 

- Right-click on the icon and select "Options". 

How to set it to open Youtube in the current tab as opposed to making new tab? 

- Right-click on the extension and select "options", then uncheck the respective checkbox 

How to add the Youtube button to the context menu? 

- Go to the options page (see above) and check the "Add button to context menu" 

How to change the toolbar icon? 

- See above: simply go to the "Options" page and play with the icons. Note that if you select your own icon, it must be 19x19 pixels (else you'll get odd outcomes) 


Disclaimer: This extension isn't an official Google item. It is made by third-party ( and isn't related in any capacity with Google, Inc. 


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