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PriceBlink Lite Finds Lower Prices and Money-Saving Coupons while you shop. Checks for lower prices when you're shopping, otherwise it stays hidden. 

When you're shopping, PriceBlink Lite lets you know if the product you are viewing is available for cheaper elsewhere.  It also alerts you to coupons on the merchant you're shopping.

PriceBlink Lite's Terms of Use / EULA / Privacy Policy can be viewed here:
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    Emma Jennings - avatar
  • Emma Jennings


  • Oct 18, 2017
  • Seems to me similar to regular Priceblink except you need to remember to click on an icon to pull up the toolbar. If you are on a site that it is working, it will light up otherwise it is a gray shade.
  • leadfoot foot - avatar
  • leadfoot foot


  • Dec 18, 2016
  • Priceblink full version compares prices when shopping at,,,, etc. But this Lite version only mentions "coupons" found or not found.