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★ About NoAds - Adblocker

★ Performance of NoAds - Adblocker:

Tested by Raymonds Tech Ressources

- Performance Test - Adblocker
90% faster average loadtimes in comparison to no Adblocker software at all
2%  faster average loadtimes in comparison to Adblock for Chrome
5%  faster average loadtimes in comparison to uBlock Plus Adblocker
62% less peak cpu usage in in comparison to Ads Killer Adblocker Plus
12% less peak cpu usage in in comparison to Adblock for Chrome and uBlock Plus Adblocker

As fast as Ads Killer Adblocker Plus, Simply Block Ads! and Adblocker Genesis Plus, but with additional blocked trackers.

★ Features of NoAds - Adblocker:
 + More default filterlists that block more ads, faster, better and with less data-usage
 + Adremoval on all websites.
 + Malware and Adware blocking.
 + Performance enhancement in browsing speed.
 + Removal of ads, banners and pre-rolls on Youtube.
 + No more Banner, PopUp, PopUnder, Overlay or Intermediate Ads.
 + Removal of "Anti - Adblocker" banners or detectors.

★ Beneftis of NoAds - Adblocker:
 + Faster browsing.
 + Lower memory and cpu usage.
 + Way lower bandwith usage, perfect if you use a metered plan.
 + Most importantly, save time by not looking at ads all day!

★ Why our extension is better than other Adblocker Software
 + More default filterlists that block more ads, faster, better and with less data-usage
 + Integrated Popup Blocker inspired by Pop up blocker for Chrome™ - Poper Blocker
 + Free and most uptodate Adblocker
 + Got popups and annoying ads you can’t get rid off? This is the AdBlocker for you!
 + Allows you to whitelist websites and youtube channels that you support
 + Trust us and not any other Adblocker
 + We don’t track you and we prevent others from tracking you!


★ Version:


Google displays this message on installation "Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit". This is a standard message, but Superblock Extended - Adblocker will never read or interact with your browsing experience. We just remove ads. For free.
For this Chrome extension to take effect, please reload your open tabs/windows.


We use GPL Source Code. No Copyright or Trademark Infringement intended. This extension is also under Open Source GPL. Based on Adblock Chrome + Code on Adblock Plus
To prevent any confusion, this extension was built from on Adblock for Chrome using advanced security tools and is NOT based, associated, or affiliated with any other Adblocker tools here in the Webstore.
Open Source Code used in this extension: Base Template of uBlock Origin Adblocker, Popup Blocker inspired by Pop up blocker for Chrome - Poper Blocker, Banner Implementation of Adblocker Pro, User Statistics of the original Adblock for Chrome before switch to Adblock Plus code, Google Analytics of uBlock Adblocker Plus , filterlist-extension of uBlock Adblocker Plus, Popup Code by Adguard Adblocker, statistics from Fair Adblocker.


★ Changelog: -   GPL Version of Adblock for Chrome (now just "Adblock") -   Removal of tracking code and statistics. Design changes and optimized adblocking code. -   Namechange from "NoAds" to "NoAds - Adblocker". -   Evaluation of uBlock Origin / uBlock Orginal code for adblocking engine switch. Only for testers. -   Banner, Icons and Design changes to bugfix minor annoyances reported by users. -   Filterlist caching. -   NoCoin Adblocker List "" -   Bugfix Naming NoCoin Adblocker List -   Free's Anti Adblocker Enhancer List -   Extended default adblocking filterlists
            - "Anti Adblocker Killer" by "reek" -
            - "Adblocker Warning Removal List" by "Easylist" -
            - "Adguard's Annoyance & Adblocker List" by "Adguard" -
            - "Adguard Spyware & Adblocker Filters" by "Adguard" -
            - "Adguard Base & Adblocker Filters" by "Adguard" -
            - "Peter Lowe's Adblocker and tracking server list" - by "Peter Lowe" - -   Bugfixes for new filterlists. -   Asking for reviews in the popup. We gained massive amounts of 5 stars. Thank you. -   Filterengine update for changes on youtube, facebook and weibo. -   Bugfixes. -   Analytics Bugfix, increased Youtube Adblocker Performance, faster pageloads on google. -   Minor code from Adblock Plus inserted. -   Better runtime when multiple adblocker are installed. -   "Anti - Adblocker" Banner removal code now bugfree.
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