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Clipboard History 2
Keep and manage your clipboard history

 • Search and navigate through your clipboard history
Extension collects any text notes that have ever been in the clipboard. It works in Google Chrome and in a software outside it. Easy rollback at any time.

 • Input fields integration
Integration with input fields context menu allows you to quickly paste favorite notes or recent text from your history.

 • Merge and tag your history records
Merge two or more text items into new one, which will available for copying. Also, you can add tags to any history record.

 • Sync across devices
The extension uses Chrome Storage API, which allows to sync history items in one click between your computers. 
No accounts needed, just be logined in the browser.

Other features: 
 - Export and import
 - Options for storing, sorting and filter items
 - Keyboard navigation
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    每个人的一生都是一次远行 - avatar
  • 每个人的一生都是一次远行


  • Jan 05, 2018
  • Your new logo ,pretty ugly!!!!
  • henry wang - avatar
  • henry wang


  • Nov 17, 2017
  • A great extension, it's free!
  • valiant jiang - avatar
  • valiant jiang


  • Apr 27, 2015
  • I was so excited when I found this app. But now I found the Clipboard History 2 takes more than 3s to load itself,that should be improved. Thanks!